We are a leader in the ground-breaking process of computing on data while it remains encrypted, and in the automated generation, validation and synthesis of high assurance cryptographic solutions.

We excel in multiple areas of cryptographic implementation, including a) the ground-breaking process of computing on data while it remains encrypted, ensuring privacy and integrity, b) automated generation, validation and synthesis of high assurance cryptographic solutions in both hardware and software solutions, and c) assistance in conformance and validation of cryptographic implementations to FIPS requirements.

Computation on Encrypted Data

Computing on data while it remains encrypted is a critical step in assuring privacy and integrity that complements and enhances encryption in transit and encryption at rest. We make such computation practical. Our work in performant multi-party computation is leading the industry toward practical application of the new technologies in this area.

High Assurance Cryptographic Solutions

We revolutionized the way people specify, verify, and implement crypto algorithms, and provide languages and tools widely used for these purposes. Our long and successful track record in specifying, implementing, and verifying crypto algorithms such as elliptic curve families puts us in a leadership position for assuring cryptographic solutions.

We combine crypto expertise from our partnerships with defense agencies, and formal methods techniques in computer science such as static analysis and equivalence checking to provide high levels of assurance that real-world crypto is done correctly. Our rigorous approach enables confidence in correctness during the process of making performance and space trade-offs in crypto solutions.

Using highly automated tools and Galois proprietary technology, we are now able to quickly develop formally verified implementations of crypto algorithms optimized for specific performance trade-offs and in specific programming languages. This development methodology enables us to quickly deliver mathematically proven crypto at unprecedented performance and efficiency levels.

Galois also develops custom implementations of cryptographic protocols to fit specific needs, with particular emphasis on supply chain security, mobile security, and cryptography for IoT applications.

FIPS Conformance and Validation Assistance

Galois’ experience in developing and implementing cryptographic solutions extends to working with our customers to assist in the processes required to attain FIPS validation. Our cryptographic expertise can ensure your team’s implementation is conformant and correctly documented, meeting and surpassing the validation requirements. Our thorough methodology will help you navigate this process successfully and guarantee the correctness of implementations, future-proofing your cryptographic solutions.


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