Iavor Diatchki

Research & Engineering

I am a Senior Research and Development Engineer. My academic interests are in the area of programming language design, domain specific languages, and functional programming. I am particularly interested in tools and techniques that make it easier to develop reliable software, such as type systems, static analysis, and methods for formal verification of software.


I spend almost all of my time doing engineering and research work on various projects. I enjoy working on difficult problems, and like the challenge of trying to think of new ways to look at a problem. While working on projects I usually fill the role of Technical Lead, which means that I am familiar with all technical aspects of the project, and try to set and guide the overall direction of the work that is being performed.

I’ve been with Galois since 2006.  Before that I worked on my Ph.D dissertation, which looked at some programming language constructs for writing low-level systems programs in high-level languages.

In my free time, I like to play music, bike, play with my dog, and contribute to open source projects, such as GHC, the Glorious Haskell Compiler.