Chris Lockett

Director of Cyber Systems

“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?” John Wooden

At Galois, we develop technology that provides guarantees of system trustworthiness.  For critical cyber-physical embedded systems, we design and compose these systems with components that are correct by construction and secure by design so they are done right the first time.  For legacy systems, we deliver technologies that provide new capabilities and increased trust while significantly upgrading the systems’ cyber security.  My passion is to transition our compelling research and technology into broader application through high-impact market offerings. 


Mr. Lockett is a Navy Veteran with over 25 years of DoD and industry experience in research, development and deployment of high reliability systems.  His experience includes nuclear submarine force operations, qualification of high-reliability manned space flight and satellite systems, flight test and verification of directed energy systems and R&D of cyber resilient, trusted computing architectures for embedded systems.  Mr. Lockett has served in Principal Investigator, Program Management and Director roles for various DARPA and DoD programs.  His commercial experience includes leadership roles in early stage incubation and launch of spin-out commercial ventures, Intellectual Property portfolio development and managing R&D and strategy consulting engagements for multi-national technology businesses.

At Galois, Mr. Lockett is responsible for client engagement and business development for cyber systems related R&D programs while supporting new commercial venture activities.  Mr. Lockett holds an MS in Aeronautics/Astronautics from Stanford University and a BS in Aerospace Engineering from the US Naval Academy.



US Patent 9,922,210, “Componentized Provisioning”

US Patent 9,792,459, “Flexible Policy Arbitration Control Suite”

US Patent 9,501,666, “Polymorphic Computing Architectures”

US Patent 9,495,560, “Polymorphic Virtual Appliance Rule Set”