In this DARPA-funded project, Galois is serving as research integrator for the PROCEED program (Programming Computation on Encrypted Data), whose goal is to make it feasible to execute programs on encrypted data without having to decrypt the data first.

DARPA has assembled a diverse group of researchers on PROCEED with the challenging goal of making fundamental progress in the science and mathematics of computing on encrypted data, while at the same time increasing the efficiency of implementations of the new techniques by several orders of magnitude. The researchers are working at many different levels of abstraction: on the design of programming languages that support encrypted data; on building efficient libraries of operations over encrypted data structures; on compilation techniques that exploit programmable hardware; and on fundamental breakthroughs in the cryptographic approach itself.

During this project, Galois has utilized our extensive existing infrastructure and technological support for multi-use cryptography compilation and analysis, and our years of experience supporting and connecting cryptographers in research, government, and industry.