Commercial Services

Galois can provide you with the consulting, tools, and engineering to give you the confidence that your software does what you intend it to do.

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We take pride in personally connecting with all interested partners, collaborators and potential clients. Please email us with a brief description of how you would like to be connected with Galois and we will do our best to respond within one business day.

Cryptography Auditing, Consulting, and Testing

Galois can consult and answer your questions on encryption, authentication, digital signatures, or other aspects of cryptography. Galois’s deep technical and systems expertise is available to audit designs or code implementations to ensure that your cryptographic systems are correct and doing what you expect.

Protocol Auditing, Consulting, and Testing

Whether you are implementing an existing protocol or developing a custom solution, Galois can help you think through design and implementation decisions or trade-offs to ensure that you have the best solution for your use case. Galois can also help audit the implemented code to ensure that it behaves according to spec.

Rigorous Digital Engineering

Modern systems involve complex interactions between software, firmware, hardware, cloud services, and regulatory requirements. Galois’s suite of tools can help you manage this complexity throughout the development lifecycle: from requirements analysis and definition; to architectural design and implementation; and finally, documentation, validation, verification, certification, and accreditation. Our methods have been used across various industries: to develop small-scale devices, to evaluate microservice architectures, and to construct large-scale cyber-physical systems.

Cyber Retrofit of Legacy Systems

Galois can help you find the path to cyber hardening of your legacy systems. From bolt-on assured filters and guards to help you protect your critical interfaces to detailed cyber-resilience plans, Galois can walk you through the process of deciding what to protect, when, at what cost.

Tool Support & Maintenance

Galois’s verification tools (SAW, Cryptol, and Crux) are open source and can be freely used to give you greater confidence in your software. If you would like any assistance in understanding the tools, training developers on them, or would like any support or feature enhancements, please contact us for support, development, and training requests.

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Partnering with Galois

Galois collaborates with partners large and small to solve complex problems that require outside thinking. Contact Leah Daniels to learn more about whether your project is a good fit for both teams.



At Galois, we focus on developing cutting cutting-edge technologies and strive to license those technologies broadly to existing product providers. Since we are committed to broad adoption in many different markets, our licensing options are flexible and adaptive. We work with our customers and clients to reach licensing agreements that best meet the needs of both parties.


Training with Galois

We offer training in formal methods and programming languages to provide developers, analysts, and researchers with tools that make performing their jobs more efficient and reliably secure. Contact Leah Daniels to learn more about what we might be able to offer.