Impactful Problem Solving

Galois applies cutting-edge computer science and applied mathematics to solve difficult technological problems, delivering practical solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

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Partnerships and Collaborations

Connect directly with Leah Daniels to discuss your idea or project, or send us a general inquiry to learn more about our work and process. We will do our best to respond within one business day.

Basic Research

The bigger and bolder the project, the better. We collaborate with scientists and engineers within industry, government, and academia to advance their toughest research agendas. Our research helps advance capabilities within computer science that has significant, broad-reaching implications.

Applied Research

Our passion for impact is baked into our DNA. Not only do we enable fundamental breakthroughs for our clients, we make leading research a reality through practical techniques and approaches. We excel at applying research, open source software, and other tools to solve specific problems.


We help turn a vision into a reality. We build advanced prototypes like homomorphic encryption and commercial products like Cryptol and spin-off companies like Tozny. We develop embedded software, secure web applications, and everything in between. We can collaborate with your product team to build an innovative new feature or validate feasibility with our proof of concepts. We're known for building real software to solve real problems.


We partner with your technical team to build a security risk assessment of your product or environment. Our assessments can be used at the beginning of the design process to build a sound architecture, or at the end of the development process to assess residual risk. Our risk assessments help uncover architectural or code vulnerabilities, as well as document, track, and prioritize mitigations based on their ROI. We also build processes for your organization like security incident response so you are ready when incidents strike.

Additional Services

We believe the open innovation model for research and development is the most effective means to keep up with disruptive technology advancements. We continually look to build paths to commercialization through new and existing strategic partnerships.


Galois will work with you to advance your research agenda, launch new programs, solve hard problems or build state-of-the-art software. Contact us to learn more about our projects, capabilities, processes, contract vehicles, spin-off companies and exciting collaboration possibilities. We are also always looking for strong teaming partners and technologies that we might be able to leverage in projects.

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We license technologies that can be embedded into existing products or added as new features. We work with our customers and clients to reach licensing agreements that best meet the needs of both parties.

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We offer training for developers, analysts and researchers to provide them with tools that make performing their jobs more efficient and reliably secure. For example, we have provided specialized training in programming languages and formal methods to clients wanting to learn about our tools and techniques, allowing them to apply them internally on their own projects.

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Partnering with Galois

Galois collaborates with partners large and small to solve complex problems that require outside thinking. Contact Leah Daniels to learn more about whether your project is a good fit for both teams.



At Galois, we focus on developing cutting cutting-edge technologies and strive to license those technologies broadly to existing product providers. Since we are committed to broad adoption in many different markets, our licensing options are flexible and adaptive. We work with our customers and clients to reach licensing agreements that best meet the needs of both parties.


Training with Galois

We offer training in formal methods and programming languages to provide developers, analysts, and researchers with tools that make performing their jobs more efficient and reliably secure. Contact Leah Daniels to learn more about what we might be able to offer.