A History of Impact

Galois specializes in the research and development of new technologies that solve the most difficult problems in computer science. We are passionate about the trustworthiness of critical systems, and work to ensure that the systems you depend on work as intended, and only as intended. Our team works closely with clients to achieve a balance between the privacy/cost/speed challenges involved in making systems more trustworthy. We care deeply about real-world use of our R&D efforts and work diligently to transition them into use. Many of our researchers joined Galois from academia and elsewhere in pursuit of more impact. Our clients, like those listed at the bottom of the page, derive value working with us as trusted advisors, and hold us to high standards for the actual production of algorithms and code that embody our work together. Galois is a privately held U.S.-owned and -operated company established in 1999 in Portland, Oregon. We were founded on core principles that are central to how we function. We believe that we can and should derive joy from our work, be authentic and trustworthy in all of our interactions, and cherish the opportunity to develop and steward new technology.


  • Department of Defense
  • Department of Energy
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Intelligence Community
  • NASA

Spin-off Technologies

  • Tozny


    World-class login security for your users, without vulnerable passwords. With Tozny, the user’s phone is the key: Easier and more secure than passwords, Tozny replaces passwords with an easy-to-use cryptographic key on a user’s mobile phone.

  • Free & Fair


    Advancing elections technology. Free & Fair provides elections services and systems meeting the same reliability and security standards as the US federal government demands for national security.

  • MuseDev


    Advanced code quality platform. Muse uses advanced reasoning to find critical errors during development.

  • Tangram Flex


    High-assurance cyber-physical systems. Tangram Flex modernizes systems engineering with flexible and precise integration of components for re-use across cyber-physical systems.

Our Core Principles

Seek joy at work.

Work is a source of deep satisfaction and meaning, a place where we can freely offer our skills and talents to the mutual benefit of Galois and ourselves.

Pursue deep trust.

We work to build trust in all of our interactions. Our goal is for our clients, partners, and coworkers to trust our actions and decisions.

Hold to authenticity.

We are authentic in all we do. We seek meaning and depth and make conscious, explicit decisions.

Serve as stewards.

We develop ideas and technologies for the common good. This sense of stewardship guides how we use resources and what we do with our opportunities. We are accountable, committed, and involved with each other.

Cherish learning and innovation.

Learning fuels innovation, and we invest in both for the value, growth, and intrinsic fulfillment they provide.

The Galwegians

People are the foundation of Galois, and our collaborative environment encourages Galwegians to invent, learn, think, and inspire.

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