FIPS Conformance and Validation

Our thorough methodology and cryptographic expertise will help you navigate the FIPS process successfully and guarantee the correctness and conformance of implementations, future-proofing your cryptographic solutions.

In addition to developing and implementing cryptographic solutions, we assist our customers in attaining FIPS 140-2 validation. Our comprehensive approach addresses testing, validation and process conformance, as well as full implementation of cryptographic components that meet and surpass FIPS standards. Our FIPS validation services include:

  • Extensive review of current cryptographic implementations
  • Modification of current implementations to ensure conformance
  • From-scratch implementation of compliant cryptographic modules
  • Interface with FIPS laboratories for both current and new implementations
  • Generation of required documentation and communication with the authorities
  • CAVP validation support services
  • Advisory services on robust cryptographic implementations beyond FIPS requirements

Why Galois

Typical FIPS validation offerings from other organizations only address testing and validation, leaving the intricacies of cryptographic implementation and modification to you. Depending on the level of complexity, modifications that conform to requirements can require extensive training and expertise.

We have been developing and implementing cryptographic solutions for some of the most demanding clients on the planet for more than 15 years, and have developed a set of proven tools and methods that ensure your implementation is conformant, correctly documented, and provably correct. Contact us to learn more.