Human Computer Interaction

We design capabilities to make the “human in the loop” work effectively in complex systems.

Machines are getting smarter and ever more capable, which is why there is a lot of buzz about self-driving cars, autonomous drones, and the like. But completely autonomous complex systems are actually rare, because effective judgment in critical scenarios still benefit from having a human in the loop. The best-designed systems are synergistic, where human and machine capabilities seamlessly and powerfully augment each other.

Galois is a pioneer in the field of human computer interaction. One of our primary focus areas here is the creation of languages that enable stakeholders to precisely specify complex machine behavior through high-level, easily expressed policy definitions, across a diverse set of domains. We also conduct extensive research on techniques for merging human intuition with machine-based inferences in order to generate reasoning systems that are more powerful and accurate than the sum of their parts.


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