Can Our Ballots Be Both Secret and Secure?

The New Yorker

“In July, 2019, the Galois team, with Dodds as its lead programmer, successfully rendered Benaloh’s math as a software package that other developers could use to integrate end-to-end verification into actual voting systems. To facilitate its adoption by venders, ElectionGuard was uploaded to GitHub, a Microsoft-owned online repository for open-source software. Open source allows anyone […]


PIRATE: $7.5M DARPA Contract To Accelerate Secure Application Development 

I’m excited to announce we’ve been awarded a $7.5 million contract by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to work on PIRATE, a set of software development tools for designing and building high-performance, physically-partitioned applications that protect sensitive information.  PIRATE stands for Partitioning Information via Resource-Aware Transformations for Everyone.  The project is part of […]

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Galois spin-off thatDot raises $2.1M round

We’re excited to announce that Galois has a new spin-off company, thatDot. This week, thatDot announced a $2.1M seed funding round led by Oregon Venture Fund (OVF), with participation by Hale Capital Partners and Galois. The company is focused on improving the time-to-value of big data through real time access to streaming data for analysis […]

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Galois Awarded $6 Million Office of Naval Research Project To Secure and Optimize Existing DoD Systems

The project will build a toolset enabling new ways of customizing and improving software even after development is complete Galois today announced that it has been awarded a $6 million (base plus option) contract by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to build a toolset that will enable DoD and commercial organizations to more easily retrofit […]

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Galois Awarded $16.5 Million DARPA Contracts To Address Electronic Document Vulnerabilities

Pair of contracts for DARPA SafeDocs Program designed to address cyber attacks that exploit security vulnerabilities in electronic documents Galois today announced it has been awarded a pair of contracts totaling $16.5 million from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) SafeDocs program to develop novel defenses to cyber attacks that exploit unauthenticated or compromised […]

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Galois Awarded $15 Million IARPA Contract To Expand Government, Commercial Use Of Privacy-Preserving Technology

Project for IARPA’s HECTOR Program focused on making secure computation accessible to data scientists, other programmers who are not experts in cryptography Galois today announced it has been awarded a 5-year, $15.2 million contract by Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) to make secure computation (SC) more accessible to data scientists and other programmers who […]

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Galois Awarded $8.6 Million DARPA Contract To Build Cyber Reasoning Tool that Discovers Security Vulnerabilities

Galois will partner with Harvard University and Trail of Bits to build scalable and more cost-effective tools that identify hard-to-find vulnerabilities. Galois has been awarded an $8.6 million contract by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to build a tool that uses a hybrid human-machine approach to detecting cyber security vulnerabilities that go undetected […]

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Hackers take on DARPA’s $10 million voting village


The Oregon-based verifiable systems firm Galois is designing the voting system. And Darpa wants you to know: Its endgame goes way beyond securing the vote. The agency hopes to use voting machines as a model system for developing a secure hardware platform—meaning that the group is designing all the chips that go into a computer […]


DARPA to Bring its Smart Ballot Boxes to DEF CON for Hacking

Dark Reading

“We are providing the source code specifications, tests, and actually even providing participants at DEF CON with an easy way of actually putting their own malicious software into [the devices],” explains Daniel Zimmerman, principal researcher with Galois, a DARPA contractor working on the project. “We’re not daring them but actually helping them break this.”