Transitioning from testbeds to ships: an experience study in deploying the TIPPERS Internet of Things platform to the US Navy

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Our DARPA Brandeis program work focused on technologies for assuring privacy of individuals while enabling organizations to make critical decisions using their sensitive data. This paper describes the collaborative effort between nine institutions and the Naval Information Warfare Center to deploy this kind of capability using a shipboard Internet of Things during a Navy exercise.


Can Our Ballots Be Both Secret and Secure?

The New Yorker

“In July, 2019, the Galois team, with Dodds as its lead programmer, successfully rendered Benaloh’s math as a software package that other developers could use to integrate end-to-end verification into actual voting systems. To facilitate its adoption by venders, ElectionGuard was uploaded to GitHub, a Microsoft-owned online repository for open-source software. Open source allows anyone […]


Hackers take on DARPA’s $10 million voting village


The Oregon-based verifiable systems firm Galois is designing the voting system. And Darpa wants you to know: Its endgame goes way beyond securing the vote. The agency hopes to use voting machines as a model system for developing a secure hardware platform—meaning that the group is designing all the chips that go into a computer […]


DARPA to Bring its Smart Ballot Boxes to DEF CON for Hacking

Dark Reading

“We are providing the source code specifications, tests, and actually even providing participants at DEF CON with an easy way of actually putting their own malicious software into [the devices],” explains Daniel Zimmerman, principal researcher with Galois, a DARPA contractor working on the project. “We’re not daring them but actually helping them break this.”


Navy Beefing Up At-Sea Enterprise Network

National Defense Magazine

From the article: The CAVES program employs automated reasoning to identify central problems in cryptographic designs early in the design phase, he said. “If you’re exploring a wide variety of possible algorithms … you will quickly rule out the ones that might have security issues,” he added. “You get the benefits of higher security and […]


Achieving memory safety without compromise

“As embedded software developers, the tools we rely on must provide us with low-level control of the functionality and performance of the systems we build. There must be an ability to manipulate hardware registers to write device drivers, and we must be certain that no runtime system will interrupt our tasks and lead to missed […]


Building tools to secure computer processors

Government Computer News

Kiniry is leading a team that has just been awarded a $4.5 million contract from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to develop tools and methodologies for designing secure CPUs.  The project — Balancing Evaluation of System Security Properties with Industrial Needs (BESSPIN) — will develop security metrics and a framework for making decisions about […]