Introducing Galois’s new Principal Scientist, Dr. R. Chandramouli

We’re excited to welcome a new Principal Scientist to our team! Dr. R. Chandramouli (Mouli) brings more than 20 years of R&D experience in mobile networking, edge computing, and machine learning in academic and startup environments to Galois.

Mouli designs machine learning-driven wireless network systems for dynamic spectrum sharing, 5G, resilient networking, and hybrid space architecture. These systems sense the operating wireless network environment for making data-driven decisions to optimize spectrum usage, resilience, security, and application performance. DoD, first responders, and commercial end-users benefit from this research.

Mouli works with psychiatrists, linguistics, and social scientists to design, develop, and demonstrate natural language processing (NLP) algorithms for mental health assessment. His collaborative work attempts to identify early-stage Alzheimer’s, dementia, suicidality, and risky social behavior from text-based communications (e.g., email or social media messages). This research theme aims to save lives, dramatically reduce mental healthcare monitoring, democratize mental healthcare, and social risk/cybersecurity mitigation. 

Before joining Galois, Mouli founded several startups, was a faculty member at Iowa State University, Stevens Institute of Technology, and an Adjunct Faculty Member at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). He holds a B.S. (Mathematics) from Loyola College, M.E. (ECE) from the Indian Institute of Science, and M.A. (Mathematics), and Ph.D. (Computer Science & Engineering) from the University of South Florida. 

Learn more about Dr. R. Chandramouli here.