Galois wins DARPA project, POLYMORPH

As part of DARPA’s V-SPELLS (Verified Security and Performance Enhancement of Large Legacy Software) program, Galois is excited to share we have been awarded a multi-part project – POLYMORPH (Promotion to Optimal Languages Yielding Modular Operator-driven Replacements and Programmatic Hooks) that will cover three technical areas – Levitate, Transmute and Augury, and Revivify. POLYMORPH’s goal is to […]

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2021 Galois Summer School for Trustworthy Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science

The 2021 Galois Summer School for Trustworthy Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science will be held virtually on Monday, June 28th. This summer school is designed as an intensive curriculum aimed at helping students pursuing careers in these areas understand the challenges, limitations, and opportunities in the expansion of these technologies into safety-critical, human-critical, […]

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Galois spin-out MuseDev acquired by Sonatype

We are pleased to announce that MuseDev, a Galois spin-out company, has been acquired by Sonatype.  MuseDev creates a software solution that automatically analyzes and provides uniquely accurate feedback on each developer pull request, making it easy to find and fix critical security, performance, and reliability bugs during code review.  Sonatype is the leader in […]

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Galois Awarded $15.3M DARPA Contract for BASALISC Project

We’re thrilled to announce Galois has been awarded a $15.3M DARPA contract for our BASALISC project. This is part of DARPA’s Data Protection in Virtual Environments (DPRIVE) program, which aims to accelerate the “last mile” of data encryption with purpose-built ASICs that accelerate fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) computations. A key aim of the project is […]

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Galois Awarded $7M Contract for ROCKY

The Reliable Obfuscated Communications Kit for everYone (ROCKY) project, part of DARPA’s RACE program, seeks to hide critical data within network traffic through sophisticated cryptographic methods and advanced machine learning techniques – delivering a knock-out for privacy protection. Learn more about ROCKY on our blog.

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thatDot Anomaly Detector Now Generally Available

Galois spinout, thatDot, has exciting news to share! They’ve launched the world’s first real-time anomaly detector for categorical data to speed the development of cybersecurity and network optimization solutions. Customers are finding anomalous usage and identifying misconfigured network routing by analyzing the non-numeric data in their Cloud infrastructure logs; file names, user IDs, IP addresses, […]

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Galois Wins $2.7M for AMIDOL project

Galois’s Agile Metamodel Inference using Domain-specific Ontological Languages (AMIDOL) is part of DARPA’s Automating Scientific Knowledge Extraction (ASKE) program. AMIDOL is entering its third phase and aims to eliminate the lengthy, error-prone process involved in modeling complex systems for pandemics in real-time. Learn more on our blog.

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David Darais joins Galois as Principal Scientist

We’re thrilled to welcome Dr. David Darais to Galois as a Principal Scientist. His research focuses on tools for achieving reliable software in critical, security, and privacy-sensitive systems while leveraging state-of-the-art approaches. This includes program analysis, type checking, mechanized verification, differential privacy, and secure multiparty computation. Dr. Darais co-designs programming languages in concert with tools […]

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Transitioning from testbeds to ships: an experience study in deploying the TIPPERS Internet of Things platform to the US Navy

SAGE Journals

Our DARPA Brandeis program work focused on technologies for assuring privacy of individuals while enabling organizations to make critical decisions using their sensitive data. This paper describes the collaborative effort between nine institutions and the Naval Information Warfare Center to deploy this kind of capability using a shipboard Internet of Things during a Navy exercise.


Galois awarded $12.6M DARPA contract: Project Fromager.

We’re thrilled to announce Project Fromager, our newly awarded $12.6 million zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) contract with the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) as part of the Securing Information for Encrypted Verification and Evaluation (SIEVE) program. Learn more about this research project in producing ZKPs about various properties of real-scale software on our blog.

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