Education Bill Drops


“This legislation marks a sea change in the continuing conflict between personal privacy and public good,” said David Archer, principal research scientist at Galois, a computer science firm. “The technology mandated here assures two things: that public policies affecting real people can be decided based on factual data about them, and that the privacy of […]


End-to-end data encryption: why HTTPS is not enough

SC Magazine

As secure HTTPS becomes more pervasive, it is worth asking: why should you end-to-end encrypt data when HTTPS is pretty secure? The answer is that HTTPS is an important but small piece of the crypto puzzle. Organizations determining what additional security requirements are needed should start the process by answering a few key questions


Former DARPA I2O director joins Galois as Chief Scientist

We are excited to announce that Dr. John Launchbury is joining Galois as Chief Scientist. Dr. Launchbury was formerly the Director of the Information Innovation Office (I2O) at DARPA, where he led nation-scale investments in the future of cyber-security and artificial intelligence. Dr. Launchbury plans to pursue his vision of creating provably safe and secure […]

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Mike Dodds joins Galois as Principal Investigator

We’re excited to announce that Mike Dodds is joining Galois as a Principal Investigator. Dr. Dodds was previously a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at the University of York and has focused on using formal techniques to verify software correctness. His specific research interests include automated reasoning, separation logic, and concurrent data-structure correctness. […]

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Software brittleness may harden embedded systems

Government Computer News

Legacy systems in the government are hard to secure against cyberattack, and that goes double for the embedded, real-time systems at the heart of the many control systems in advanced weapons, power plants and mission-critical infrastructure. Galois, a Portland, Ore.,-based secure software developer, has linked up with the Office of Naval Research under a three-year, […]


Tozny launches end-to-end encryption toolkit for developers

We’re excited to announce that Galois spin-off Tozny is releasing their latest product, InnoVault. InnoVault enables developers to protect sensitive user data they collect simply by adding a few lines of code.  It provides simple scripts for fronted code, easy SDKs on the backend, and an API with secure cloud storage behind it. Tozny spun off from Galois […]

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With government cyber defense, sometimes it’s best to give up hope

Federal News Radio

What is the single best thing that military and civilian government agencies can do in their search for an all-in-one cybersecurity solution? Simple: Give up hope. As counterintuitive as that may sound, there is no magic bullet that will solve all our cybersecurity challenges. A sufficiently-motivated and capable adversary will get around our defenses, given […]