Galois’s SysML to AADL Bridge Tool Now Bi-Directional

Galois is excited to announce that the CAMET Library SysML to AADL Bridge Tool is now bi-directional.

The System Modeling Language (SysML) was developed for Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), allowing users to specify, analyze, design, verify, and validate a broad range of complex systems, from civil engineering projects to organization operations. The Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL) was developed as a domain specific language (DSL) for describing and modeling embedded computer systems architectures and associated equipment.

Previously, our SysML-to-AADL translation tool allowed CAMET users to export SysML models to AADL format. This tool effectively combined the strengths of SysML for overall systems engineering with the strengths of AADL for specifying and analyzing embedded computer subsystems within an overall system, empowering users to quickly and easily apply AADL-based analysis tools as part of a Model Development Operations (ModDevOps) toolchain. 

Now, thanks to some really great work by Galois research engineers Hazel Shackleton and August Schwerdfeger, CAMET users can export AADL models made or modified in OSATE and ingest them to create or update SysML models in MagicDraw/Cameo. 

“This is a really big deal,” said Galois Principal Scientist Tyler Smith. “It means if you make a SysML model, export AADL from it, and then fix a bug in the generated AADL, you can update your SysML model in seconds. Users have been requesting this feature for years and we’re pumped that we get to share it!”

For more information on Galois’s SysML to AADL bridge and the rest of our Curated Access to Model-based Engineering Tools (CAMET®) Library please visit