Galois acquires Adventium Labs

Galois is pleased to announce the acquisition of Adventium Labs (, which will be operated as a wholly owned subsidiary of Galois through the remainder of the year, at which time it will be fully integrated under the Galois brand. 

Based in Minneapolis, MN, Adventium Labs develops innovative solutions for building safe and secure software-intensive complex systems. This acquisition creates opportunities for greater collaboration between some of the best minds in mathematically-principled computer security in support of a diverse client base. 

“We are excited to team up with Adventium. They share Galois’ DNA when it comes to applying deep research, delighting our clients, and collaborating as a true community,” said Dr. Rob Wiltbank, CEO of Galois. 

“Our team is thrilled to be joining forces with a company that shares so many of our core principles” said Kyle Nelson, CEO of Adventium Labs. “It feels like we’re joining a long lost sibling: so much of what we do and how we do it is complementary: from our authentic and forthright relationships with our clients, to the way we obsess over solving hard problems.”

Technology: An unrivaled match 

Galois focuses on trustworthiness in critical systems, spanning cyber-physical systems, cryptography, and machine learning – all areas where correctness and explainability are crucial. Galois’ approach to formal assurance is unparalleled and focuses on verifying that critical code does only what it is supposed to do, particularly in systems where failure is not an option. Adventium’s approach to assurance focuses on rigorous digital engineering, system architecture and advanced model-based design and analysis.

The different but complementary approaches of the two companies means that our customers will benefit from a more holistic view of how to create trustworthiness in their critical systems. Galois’ focus on formal methods at the code level ensures that individual components of a system are trustworthy. This complements Adventium’s focus on higher-level aspects such as architecture and design, which helps to ensure that the overall system is safe and secure. 

“Adventium Labs has a record of excellence in cutting edge R&D to improve the safety and security of complex cyber-physical systems,” said Dr. John Launchbury, Galois Chief Scientist. “Their focus on separation architectures and model-based system engineering is the perfect complement to our mathematical analyses leading to code-level correctness.” 

Both Galois and Adventium have been in business for over 20 years and have each developed a reputation of excellence. Serving many of the same clients, the combined team will continue to provide world class services without losing sight of what has made the two companies special over the last two decades: agility, a focus on actual impact, and client relationships focused primarily on solving problems pertinent to national security.

The acquisition means that Galois’ offices in Portland OR, Arlington VA and Dayton OH are joined by a new office in Minneapolis MN. 

About Galois

Founded in 1999, Galois’s mission is to build trustworthiness in critical systems. With many of the world’s foremost experts in computer science and mathematics and a world-class team of programmers and engineers, Galois is uniquely positioned to take on the world’s most difficult challenges in computer science. Galois is a trusted partner in the defense and intelligence industries, proving the feasibility of cutting-edge research as it applies to critical systems. Our unique organizational structure enables us to adapt to the needs of the innovative projects we deliver and to make actual progress in the face of some of the biggest technology problems of our generation.

We believe that actual impact comes when advances in technology meet real world efforts to make them accessible and feasible. To that end, we spin-off companies based on R&D advancements to bring them to market. 

The way we work with and treat one another is the foundation of our success. As an employee-owned company, we care about not only the technologies we develop but also the path we take to create them. Galois operates under a highly collaborative organizational model that encourages leadership and teamwork and respects the individual. We pursue working from first principles, transparency, building deep trust, learning and innovating, and creating space for individuals to be authentically themselves. We aspire to provide employees with a sense of freedom to pursue passions in and out of work — whether it be opportunities to learn, career growth, a sense of community, or whatever else brings you value as a person. For more information, visit or email us at