Asymmetric Network Defense: Guest blog post by David Archer

The State of Security

Defending networks is becoming increasingly harder, as adversaries are advancing far quicker than our defense techniques. In this guest blog post on Tripwire’s The State of Security blog, David Archer, research lead at Galois, talks about some of the reasons behind this asymmetry, and gives a few ideas on how network defense might catch up to the agility of attackers.


Strategies for Building Cyber Security into Software Development

Software Magazine

In this Software Magazine piece, Galois’ Isaac Potoczny-Jones writes about what vendors can do to build cyber security into their products from the start. “Cyber security should not be an afterthought in the software development process; it should be the first thought. As applications, systems and devices increasingly fall victim to hacks, vendors may be tempted to assume that business users and consumers have become desensitized to the problem. That adding two-factor authorization or offering three months of credit monitoring service will somehow wipe the slate clean with no damage done to brand perception, customer growth, and revenues. This is not the case. Building cyber security into the front end of the software development process is critical to ensuring software works only as intended.”


Secure drone software evades hackers


“For those who might recall an alarming story recently from “60 Minutes” regarding the potential for motor vehicles, smart homes and drones to be hacked, Galois’s new secure software might assuage such concerns. The tech company from Oregon recently announced it has developed “the world’s most secure [drone] software.””


Pentagon wants unhackable drone helicopters by 2018


“We’ve developed a new programming language that is provably free from those vulnerabilities,” Lee Pike, cyber-physical systems research lead for Galois, said in a statement. “The approach is to transition the programming language we’ve developed, called Ivory, to Boeing so that they can rewrite their systems.”


Latest Internet voting reports show failures across the board

Al Jazeera

“All kinds of experimental systems have been designed in the last 15 years,” said Joseph Kiniry, the principal investigator at the technology firm Galois who is researching the possibility of end-to-end verifiable online voting with the Overseas Vote Foundation. “But in general researchers are quite conservative about proposing that their system is ready for primetime. […]