Galois Launches First Office in Dayton, OH

Galois, an R&D organization that specializes in developing innovative security technologies  today announced its first Dayton office, reflecting a commitment to driving technology innovation in Ohio and expanding the support it provides to defense agencies and commercial organizations throughout the region. Headquartered in Portland, OR, Dayton is Galois’s third U.S. location.

Galois has signed a lease for a 3,000 square feet office in downtown Dayton, and will be co-located in the building with the Nucleus incubator, Mile Two, and the Wright Brothers Institute. Galois will move into the Dayton office early this summer, and is actively hiring researchers, engineers, principal investigators and others looking to be a part of a team developing innovative solutions to create trustworthiness in critical systems for avionics, automotive, financial services, healthcare and smart city industries.

The Galois team brings together PhDs with advanced computer science degrees doing applied research with programmers and engineers who can prove out the research and turn it into real-world technology solutions. Galois has demonstrated cyber defense software for the U.S. government that drastically reduces the number of vulnerabilities in drones, cars, and embedded systems in general. During the past two decades, the firm has partnered with government agencies such as the Department of Defense, NASA, and the Department of Homeland Security through more than 100 contracts.

“Ohio has made cyber security a state level priority, and Dayton’s commitment to supporting innovation makes the city the ideal fit to launch Galois’s third U.S. office,” said Aaron Miller, Director of Business Strategy and Operations in Dayton. “With the ability to create trustworthy systems that address the nation’s most intractable cyber security challenges, Galois brings unique capabilities to Ohio that can solidify the region’s reputation as a cyber security innovation hub.”

Galois will look to expand relationships with both the research community as well as with commercial transition partners via the new Dayton office. Recent examples of Galois projects include:

About Galois

Founded in 1999, Galois performs computer science research and development for commercial, defense, and intelligence industries. With many of the world’s foremost experts in computer science and mathematics, Galois tackles the world’s most difficult challenges in computer science. Galois focuses on creating trustworthiness in critical systems where failure is unacceptable, in technical areas such as cryptography, software correctness, cyber-physical systems, and computer security. Technology companies turn to Galois to build reliability, safety and security into their product development from day one. Committed to an entrepreneurial spirit, Galois has launched multiple spin-off companies, including Tozny (, Free & Fair (, and Formaltech ( For additional information on Galois