Galois presentations at High Confidence Software and Systems (HCSS) 2017

The High Confidence Software and Systems (HCSS) conference brings together researchers and organizations on the cutting-edge of safety-, security- and mission-critical applications and is now in its second decade. The main themes of HCSS 2017 are Privacy, Assurance for AI, Industrialization of Formal Methods, and Technology and Model Cross-over.

If you are attending, Galois and Tozny will be giving five presentations, listed below.

  • Proving Amazon’s s2n Correct: Dr. Joey Dodds will give an overview of our collaboration with Amazon Web Services to formally verify components of the s2n TLS library and integrate formal verification in the automated build processes within Amazon’s ecosystem.
  • Jana – Private Data as a Service: Dr. David Archer will present Jana, a privacy-preserving Data as a Service system in which data is encrypted at all times, starting before it leaves the user’s device and ending only when data is revealed to authorized parties in policy-protected query results.
  • A Commitment Logic for Reasoning about Trust in Complex Systems: David Burke will present a framework based on commitment logic to reason about the trustworthiness of human-machine collectives (humans and AI agents).
  • Applying NIST’s new Privacy Risk Management Framework: Isaac Potoczny-Jones will give an overview of NIST’s Privacy Risk Management Framework and present Tozny’s End-to-End Encrypted Database (E3DB), a Personal Data Service (PDS) designed to give end users significant control over their personal data and one of the first projects implemented using NIST’s new frameworks. Potoczny-Jones will also  give an in-depth overview of E3DB’s cryptographic approach as it supports data privacy.
  • Development of Verified Message Encoder/Decoder for Automotive V2V Communications: Dr. Mark Tullsen will present a pilot project with NHTSA to build high-assurance, mathematically verified decoders and encoders for the V2V exchange of the SAE J2735 Basic Safety Message (BSM).

Free & Fair will also be presenting a poster on using formal methods to create verified elections technology.

This year’s HCSS Conference will be held May 8-10, 2017 in Annapolis, Maryland. We hope to see you there.