Authoritative Source of Truth Study


This is the final report for the Authoritative Source of Truth (ASoT) study. From September, 2019 to December 2020 Adventium Labs conducted a study to elicit, refine, and exercise requirements for an ASoT. This study was part of the Army-Funded Joint Multi-Role (JMR) Mission Systems Architecture Demonstration (MSAD) Capstone demonstration.
The objective of this study was to define requirements for an ASoT at a sufficient level of detail as to enable acquisition or use of ASoT capabilities in support future Army efforts. The next objective was to provide proof-of-concept demonstrations that the identified requirements can be satisfied. During the first six months of the effort we elicited requirements by conducting interviews with Army stakeholders and surveying the existing body of ASoT research. In the following nine months we assembled and presented three demonstrations, each highlighting a different aspect of the ASoT requirements as prioritized by Army stakeholders (in order: requirements management, analysis and collaboration, traceability and digital thread).