Of Protocols and Pythons

We’ve been working to improve usability for SAW, our tool for verification of C and Java programs. The primary way that users interact with SAW is its specification and scripting language. In order to make SAW as accessible as possible, Python can now be used as that language for SAW! We’ve built an example to […]

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Curious about C Verification using SAW? Start here.

What does long-term success look like for a verification tool like SAW? For us, it involves improving the quality, correctness, and security of as much code as possible. We know that the best way to get there is not Galois hoarding all of the proofs and proof skills and keeping you all out. We love […]

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Demo: Control SAW From Any Language

  • David Christiansen

The Software Analysis Workbench (SAW) is one of Galois’s flagship verification tools. SAW has been used to verify important, real-world cryptographic algorithms, such as AES block cipher, the Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA), and Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA). We have used this to verify existing, widely used libraries such as libgcrypt and Bouncy Castle. […]

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