Automated Information Flow Analysis

In mission critical systems, the potential of cyber-security vulnerabilities is increasing due to growing complexity (caused by demands for expanded functionality) and the evolving capabilities of adversarial threat actors.

Updates to legacy systems offer an opportunity to repair existing information security flaws and safety risks, as well as reduce the introduction of new vulnerabilities.

Galois’s MAILLE (Microkernel Application Information fLow with Logic-based Enforcement) provides sophisticated information flow analysis that will help increase aircraft survivability when applied during technology refreshes and new development.

System engineers will apply MAILLE’s integrated model-level and code-level information flow discovery, specification, enforcement, and code generation tools to directly implement modeled systems onto a desired microkernel with embedded information controls. This approach has the potential to reduce integration and sustainment challenges by allowing engineers to directly manage information flow risks.

MAILLE will join Galois’s suite of system-level solutions on the CAMET® Library, similar to ISOSCELES™.

Learn more about ISOSCELES HERE.