Tozny launches end-to-end encryption toolkit for developers

We’re excited to announce that Galois spin-off Tozny is releasing their latest product, InnoVault. InnoVault enables developers to protect sensitive user data they collect simply by adding a few lines of code.  It provides simple scripts for fronted code, easy SDKs on the backend, and an API with secure cloud storage behind it.

Tozny spun off from Galois in 2013 and focuses on developer-focused security solutions. InnoVault is built on Tozny’s E3DB technology that was developed as part of a 2-year collaborative agreement with NIST. The underlying technology is used by pilot partners under the NIST agreement to secure private data being generated within transit systems, smart buildings, and medical devices. InnoVault packages the E3DB technology for easy use by developers and is available with both free and paid tiers.

InnoVault went live today, and you can sign up for a free account by visiting InnoVault’s Website.