Galois Internship Available

Galois, Inc. has one or more internships available in Portland, Oregon, USA.


The project is a 4+ year research project on high-assurance autonomous vehicles. Galois will be working on three aspects of this problem:

  • Synthesizing software components from Haskell-based embedded DSLs.
  • Building/porting a hardware platform for testing our prototypes.
  • Performing static/dynamic analysis on C/C++ code to detect vulnerabilities.

We intend to release open-source most (if not all) source code developed on the project and we will be publishing on our research results.

Being an intern for repeated terms is a possibility.


The length and start date of the internship are all negotiable: anytime from this fall through next fall is acceptable. Ideally, you can be at Galois for at least 3 continuous months. The internship is paid competitively, and the intern will be responsible for her own living arrangements (although we can certainly help you find arrangements). Galois is located in the heart of downtown, with multiple public transportation options available and world-class bicycle infrastructure, so living here without an automobile is a viable option.



    • The ability to be geographically located in Portland during the internship.
    • Good knowledge of C/C++.
    • Some experience with low-level/embedded design.
    • Excellent software engineering ability and aptitude.
  • NICE-TO-HAVES (not necessary, but let me know if you have these qualifications!):

    • Experience with Haskell and particularly embedded DSLs.
    • Experience with microcontrollers (particularly ARM Cortex M).
    • Experience with control systems.
    • Interest in/experience with real-time systems and RTOSes.
    • Interest in/experience with software security.
    • Interest in/experience with static analysis.
    • Experience with ArduPilot or other autopilot systems.
    • Good writing skills/experience in writing technical papers.
  • DO NOT NEED: a specific degree (we’re interested in hearing from anyone from post-docs to undergrads).


Galois, Inc. is located in Portland, Oregon with a mission to create trustworthiness in critical systems. We’re in the business of taking blue-sky ideas and turning them into real-world technology solutions. We’ve been developing real-world systems for over 10 years using Haskell.

To get a sense of life at Galois, one of our previous interns documented his internship here.


In one email,

  • Please attach a C.V. (PDF, plain text, or markdown only).
  • In the body of the email, include a brief plain-text note stating your interest and experience and any other relevant details.

Send this to Lee Pike  with the subject line “Internship 2012”. If you follow these directions, you’ll get a confirmation from me.