Tech Talk: Building Refactoring Tools for Functional Languages

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Please note the non-standard time and day for this talk.Galois is pleased to host the following tech talk.  These talks are open to the interested public.  Please join us!Talks will be held atGalois Inc.421 SW 6th Ave. Suite 300, Portland, OR, USA(3rd floor of the Commonwealth building)


Building Refactoring Tools for Functional Languages


  • Presenter: Prof. Simon Thompson
  • Date: Thursday, April 1, 2010
  • Time: 10:30am

Abstract: Refactoring is the process of changing the design of a program without changing what it does. Typical refactorings, such as function extraction and generalisation, are intended to make a program more amenable to extension, more comprehensible and so on. Refactorings differ from other sorts of program transformation in being applied to source code (rather than within the bowels of a compiler), and in having an effect across a code base. Because of this, there is a need to give (semi-)automated support to the process. This talk will reflect on our experience of building tools to refactor functional programs written in Haskell and Erlang (Wrangler). In doing this we will address system design, the pragmatics of system take-up, as well as contrasting the style of refactoring and tooling for Haskell and Erlang.Bio: Simon Thompson is a Professor of Logic and Computation at the University of Kent.