Call for Proposals: CUFP 2009

Commercial Users of Functional Programming Workshop 2009:Functional Programming as a Means, Not an EndSponsored by SIGPLANCo-located with ICFP 2009Edinburgh, Scotland, 4 September 2009Galois is excited to promote this sixth annual event and encourages any interested in speaking at the workshop to send in a presentation proposal!  Whether you’d like to offer a talk yourself or you’d have someone in mind you’d like to nominate, please submit a proposal by 15 May 2009 via e-mail to francesco(at)erlang-consulting(dot)com or jim(dot)d(dot)grundy(at)intel(dot)com. Include a short description (approx. one page) of what you’d like to talk about or what you think your nominee should give a talk about.Do I have a presentation idea?If you use functional programming as a means rather than as an end (or could nominate someone who does), we invite you to offer to give a talk at the workshop. Talks are typically 25 minutes long but can be shorter and aim to inform participants about how functional programming plays out in real-world applications. Your talk does not need to be highly technical, and you do not need to submit a paper!What is the goal?The goal of the CUFP workshop is to act as a voice for users of functional programming and to support the increasing viability of functional programming in the commercial, governmental, and open-source space. The workshop is also designed to enable the formation and reinforcement of relationships that further the commercial use of functional programming.Tell me more!CUFP 2009 will last a full day and feature a keynote presentation from Bryan O’Sullivan, co-author of Real World Haskell. The program will also include a mix of presentations and discussion sessions varying over a wide range of topics.This will be the sixth CUFP;  for more information, including reports from attendees of previous events and video of recent talks, see the workshop web site: