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Block Ciphers, Homomorphically, And Then Some

Following up on our recent post,┬áBlock Ciphers, Homomorphically, we have some new results. In our previous post, we reported on two experiments: a single block-at-a-time evaluation of SIMON 64/128 computed with the HElib homomorphic encryption library, and a parallel, 1800 block-at-a-time evaluation of the same cipher. Our results on the latter have not changed: 1800 […]

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Block Ciphers, Homomorphically

by Brent Carmer and David W. Archer, PhD Our team at Galois, Inc. is interested in making secure computation practical. Much of our secure computation work has focused on linear secret sharing (LSS, a form of multi-party computation) and the platform we’ve built on that technology. However, we’ve also done a fair bit of comparison […]

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