Detecting Emergent Computation In Multiple Automata Layers (DECIMAL)

Analyzing Complex Systems to Predict and Mitigate Vulnerability to Cyber-Attacks

Weird machines are unintended, emergent computational capabilities within a computer system making it vulnerable to be used in ways not intended by the system designers. Among other problems, this emergent execution can be exploited to enable or amplify cyber-attacks.

Galois’s Detecting Emergent Computation In Multiple Automata Layers (DECIMAL) project, part of DARPA’s Artificial Intelligence Exploration initiative, is developing technology to identify the possible presence of weird machines in a high-level system design. Once identified, these capabilities can be blocked or mitigated. Addressing weird machines at the design stage will result in more secure systems, potentially realizing huge performance improvements and cost savings by avoiding mitigation or redesign in deployed systems.

DECIMAL’s capabilities will complement and extend the Risk Management Framework (RMF) analysis tool already available on the CAMET® Library.

Press Release

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