James Edmondson joins Galois as Principal Scientist

We’re excited to welcome Dr. James Edmondson to the Galois team as Principal Scientist. Dr. Edmondson’s research focuses on the command and control, visualization, determinism, and trust of distributed artificial intelligence in robotics.

Dr. Edmondson’s long-term goal is to make swarms easy, intuitive, and predictable, while also offering technologies and methodologies to combat adversarial swarms or malfunctioning swarms. Prior to joining Galois, he worked at Carnegie Mellon University where he helped push the state-of-the-art in distributed AI with specializations in air, space, and surface robotics.

Dr. Edmondson has operated in several advisory capacities for multi-agent/swarm systems including software adviser to the Keck Institute for Space Studies (e.g, in the Multi-planetary Smart Tile project) and consultant to the Reliance 21 Autonomy Community of Interest, where he has worked with the Test, Evaluation, Validation and Verification (TEVV) and Machine Perception Reasoning and Intelligence (MPRI) working groups.