Galois spin-out MuseDev acquired by Sonatype

We are pleased to announce that MuseDev, a Galois spin-out company, has been acquired by Sonatype.  MuseDev creates a software solution that automatically analyzes and provides uniquely accurate feedback on each developer pull request, making it easy to find and fix critical security, performance, and reliability bugs during code review.  Sonatype is the leader in developer-friendly tools for software supply chain management and security.

At Galois, our R&D is focused on building truly trustworthy systems. Our clients look to us not only for technical innovation but to make sure those achievements don’t just end up on the proverbial shelf. We regularly spin out product-oriented companies based on that technical innovation.   

“MuseDev’s success is encouraging proof of our strategy balancing deep R&D work within Galois with an entrepreneurial product orientation in our spin-out companies,” said Dr. Robert Wiltbank, CEO of Galois.  “Our culture and R&D at Galois run on trust and self-direction. Our team had incredible insights about how to deliver deep code analysis in much more intuitive ways to developers; they drove this opportunity forward, initially within Galois, and then as a standalone company.”

The opportunity to pair Muse with Sonatype’s Nexus platform will dramatically expand its market reach to developers and deliver huge improvements to source code quality. “Security engineers get powerful analysis tools they can fully customize and configure, while developers get to find and fix bugs during development and breeze through security gates,” said Dr. Stephen Magill, CEO of MuseDev.  Dr. Stephen Magill and the entire MuseDev team will become Sonatype employees.

Like MuseDev, all of Galois’ spin-outs focus on interesting and deep challenges in computer science.  Currently, we are tackling encryption and data privacy at Tozny.  Automatically generating interfaces for embedded systems at Tangram Flex.  Dramatically advancing the scalability of massive data sets for machine learning and data science at thatDot. And sticking to our roots in pursuit of truly verifiable voting systems at Free & Fair.  With more on the horizon.