Galois spin-off thatDot raises $2.1M round

We’re excited to announce that Galois has a new spin-off company, thatDot. This week, thatDot announced a $2.1M seed funding round led by Oregon Venture Fund (OVF), with participation by Hale Capital Partners and Galois. The company is focused on improving the time-to-value of big data through real time access to streaming data for analysis and workflow.

From the announcement:

Leveraging years of DARPA funded R&D, thatDot is the creator of thatDot Connect, an enterprise software solution for the real time discovery and navigation of data relationships in highly connected data, such as monitoring, security and commerce event streams.

thatDot Connect can ingest billions of events while building a rich relationship graph, identifying correlations, isolating anomalies, and triggering workflows, to unlock the value of big data in real time. thatDot powers use cases such as real-time root cause analysis, online video observability, streaming anomaly detection, data lineage, fraud detection, and application security tracing, reporting, and alerting.

For more information, see thatDot’s announcement.