Bill Harris joins Galois as Principal Investigator

Photo courtesy of Georgia Tech

We’re thrilled to share that William Harris is joining Galois as Principal Investigator. Dr. Harris was previously an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Georgia Tech. His work has focused on program verification and synthesis, and software security. For a complete list of his research and activities, see his personal page at

At Georgia Tech, Dr. Harris oversaw the Trustable Programming (TAP) Group, which applies techniques from program analysis and synthesis to create correct, secure programs. His group has developed automatic program verifiers that prove that a given program satisfies an expected bound on resources used, prove that two programs are functionally equivalent, and prove that given hardware designs do not leak unexpected information.

At Galois, Dr. Harris plans to develop program rewriters that generate aggressively-minimized programs, compilers that generate programs that provably implement secure multiparty computations, and hardware-design synthesizers that generate provably-correct designs from open design repositories. For more information, visit Dr. Harris’s team profile page.