AI/ML Model Auditing and Assurance

Generative Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) are reshaping the world, boosting productivity, and enhancing capabilities across sectors. However, with this transformation comes risk. For all their promise and impact, AI/ML can make mistakes, sometimes in ways that are unexpected or difficult to understand. And as more and more AI/ML algorithms are integrated into even the most critical of systems, those mistakes can have terrible consequences.

Recognizing both the complexity and fallibility of these systems, Galois leverages its deep-rooted expertise in formal methods and explainable AI (XAI) to provide stringent model auditing and assurance services. Our approach involves deploying our tools and strategies to eliminate broad classes of errors, install logical guardrails to keep a model on track and within acceptable bounds, uncover root causes of issues buried deep in complex code, and, ultimately, instill a high degree of trust in the correctness and safety of critical AI/ML systems. 

When it comes to using AI/ML models in mission-critical domains, proactive risk reduction is key. With Galois, the guarantee goes beyond securing optimal performance—it encompasses achieving a solid understanding of how the puzzle pieces of your system fit together, and an unparalleled confidence in your system’s resilience and reliability.