Cyber-Retrofit Services

Customers require increasing amounts of connectivity and upgradeability from their devices. For completely new systems, several risk management techniques can ensure cybersecurity, reliability, and system safety. However, for systems that include legacy components, it can be difficult to determine how to effectively bring them up to modern cybersecurity standards without breaking the bank.

Are you:

  • Concerned about unauthorized use or system compromise for your legacy systems?
  • Extending legacy components into a new system, and concerned about how to protect them in their new context?
  • Providing remote access to a system that’s been previously disconnected.

Galois’s architecture-based Cyber-Retrofit Process can help you assess the current state of the system and provide a concrete, actionable roadmap for addressing key cybersecurity concerns. 

Galois can:

  1. Help gather the architectural overview of your existing system(s) and identify the highest-priority threats.
  2. Help protect key attacker entry points with input filters and guards. These guards were proven on a Department of Defense program to significantly impair the attacker’s ability to break into a  system.
  3. Help define a roadmap that takes you from where you are, to where you want to be, as a series of retrofit milestones. Each milestone is attainable in a fixed timeframe and provides concrete security improvements.

Contact Galois to help you find the path to cyber hardening of your legacy systems.