Trusted Handheld

In a project funded by the U.S. Marine Corps, Galois worked with SRI to develop a trusted mobile device.

From SRI’s press release:

The goal of the Trusted Handheld program is to solve problems that arise when personal mobile devices are used for business purposes.

SRI is leading a research and development team that includes Galois Corporation, General Dynamics Broadband, and LG Electronics. The team is embedding domain isolation, encryption, policy, and related security technologies into smartphones for evaluations by carriers later this year.

The Trusted Handheld program was created by the U.S. Marine Corps to encourage development of commercially available multiple-personality mobile devices that meet corporate needs and could be used to access sensitive and classified information. As the business use of employee-owned smartphones and tablets proliferate, and as IT departments struggle to implement secure and cost-effective Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, the Marine Corps is helping the mobile device industry address isolation between personal and enterprise domains so that Government users will be able to leverage resultant commercial products.