Tom DuBuisson

Research & Engineering

I enjoy working with the team at MuseDev to stand up an awesome code analysis platform. I’ve manually applied several tools to industrial problems and have thirsted for funding to bring other tools to the table — gradually making that dream a reality consumes most of my time.

The unconsumed portion of my brain and time goes to family life, working to improve the Haskell community, and hopefully conversing with you (seriously, drop me a note if you’re working or thinking along the same lines).


Tom has years of experience applying cutting edge protocol, cryptographic, and language analysis tools to industry problems. Tom joined Galois in 2012, and has since worked with tools such as SAW, cryptol models, custom symbolic interpretation using Z3, red teaming using Proverif, and blue team analysis using CPSA. He is also a regular contributor to and maintainer of the Haskell community and ecosystem. With his background in security, cryptography, and protocol correctness, Tom now works as Director of Engineering at MuseDev, a child company of Galois, to make language analysis mainstream and accessible to developers at-large.


Prior to Galois, Tom earned his BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Idaho. He went on to gain five years of experience working on communications security for a government agency. During his tenure there, he was a part of two civilian deployments for the National Security Agency, where he earned “The Joint Civilian Service Commendation Award” for contributions in “disrupting and collapsing segments of insurgent networks in Iraq.”