Shpat Morina

Marketing & Business Development

My favorite thing about working at Galois is the fact that we own the business together: A magical, underrated benefit that lets us stay true to ourselves and build a community we can be proud of.


Shpat is responsible for the direction of public presence and communications at Galois, ensuring our researchers’ unique perspectives are communicated clearly and authentically, and our early stage spin-offs have a head start in marketing and communications.

Shpat also supports business development at Galois by working with researchers to guide relationship building and strategic direction. Drawing from angel investment and computer science backgrounds, he is also responsible for the direction of Internal Research and Development (IR&D), a Galois fund that supports strategic investments to position our research well for future funded R&D.

Additionally, he serves the Galois community by being a Steward, and serving as the Caretaker for “Blue Sky” / innovation time: 40 hours available to each Galwegian to spend learning and exploring whatever they see fit.

Shpat received his MBA with a focus on entrepreneurship and angel investing from Willamette University’s Atkinson Graduate School of Management in 2014. He has bachelor degrees in Computer Science and Mass Communications.

Shpat juggles a number of hobbies, including making music, photography, and, of course, juggling (that last one is not true).