Ryan Peroutka

Research & Engineering

Model-Based Systems Engineering, Formal Methods


Ryan Peroutka joined Adventium Labs (now Galois) in 2019, making contributions to numerous projects in the areas of software development, model-based systems engineering and formal methods.

As part of DARPA’s AIMEE program, Ryan is contributing to Galois’s DECIMAL project which aims to identify possible avenues of emergent execution given an abstract system representation. He architected much of DECIMAL’s toolset including translation from its automata-based formalism into the model-checking language, SMV.

On Galois’s NASA-funded FRIGATE project, Ryan is working to facilitate generation and maintenance of failure recovery plans in the context of traditional engineering models. He made significant technical contributions to the Phase 1 proof-of-feasibility and will be contributing to further maturation of the tooling and underlying formalism during the 24 month Phase 2 effort.

He has a B.S. in Mathematics & Computer Science from the University of Minnesota.