Rob Wiltbank


Actions > Words
Important > Urgent
Principles > Rules
On purpose > By accident
Want to > Should do

I’m focused on Galois’ strategic direction, team development, and spinouts.


Rob has led Galois for more than a decade. Over those 10 years, the company has quadrupled while launching eight companies focused on product application of the technologies built through Galois’s R&D efforts. In addition, he has taught a venture investing class at Willamette University for 15 years that was selected as one of the top 10 entrepreneurship courses in the U.S. by Inc Magazine.

Rob has been venture investing for 20 years. He’s served on the boards of four acquired companies, Tozny, Muse.Dev, Veriwave, and Max-Viz, and was a partner with Montlake Capital, a Seattle based venture capital fund. He currently serves on the board of Galois, TangramFlex, thatDot, CoinMe, Niobium Microsystems, and ExistX.

Prior to joining Galois, Rob was a Professor of Strategy at Willamette University, researching angel investing and entrepreneurial expertise. He received the Hans Severeins Award, a national award from the United States angel investment community, for his service to the field of angel investing, and published the definitive research to date on financial returns in angel investing.

He is co-author of two books, Effective Entrepreneurship and The Catalyst, as well as many academic articles. The Catalyst was selected by BusinessWeek as a top 10 leadership book in the year of its release, and focuses on entrepreneurship in organizations. Effective Entrepreneurship is currently used to teach entrepreneurship in universities around the world, and has been translated into 10 languages. He completed his PhD in strategic management at the University of Washington, and undergraduate work in finance and accounting at Oregon State University.