Joey Dodds

Principal Researcher

Programming languages research constantly improves the way I think about programs and programming. I build tools and approaches to bring these ways of thinking to a wide audience.

My favorite part of this job is when I get a chance to discuss assurance with industrial customers, so that we can build approaches perfectly suited to their needs. These conversations help us push our tools towards broad applicability and usability.


Joey is a principal researcher at Galois, focused on applying formal methods and automated reasoning to industry. He co-leads Galois’ ongoing collaboration with AWS. He also co-leads the verification effort that is a collaboration between Galois, Supranational, Ethereum Labs, and Protocol Labs. As a critical part of making those projects work, he also helps drive the direction of the SAW and Cryptol projects with a focus on making the tools more understandable and usable.

Joey received a Ph.D. in Computer Science at Princeton University 2015, for work on building automation around VST. At Galois he’s worked on a range of topics, from verifying programs in weak memory models, to designing and implementing secure elections software such as ElectionGuard