Jared Frank

Business Development

I have a strong appreciation and interest for science and technology. From that first computer my parents bought me in 8th grade to the arduino based PID controller I built to control my beer-brewing process, I have dabbled in technology of all sorts which has cumulated in my acute passion and understanding of Computer Science and Cyber Security. I get immense satisfaction out of building and maintaining relationship with colleagues, clients, and all the other great people in the science and technology field. I love connecting clients to technologies, projects, and other people. In my free time you can find me brewing beer and enjoying it with family and friends, remodeling my house with my wife, or coaching my son’s sports teams.


Jared brings 13 years’ experience in business development, program management, proposal management, and cyber security research and development to Galois.

Jared provides strategic and procedural leadership on proposals, and helps provide the necessary tools / resources for all proposal generation at the company. He is passionate about aligning technical and business strategy for the organization. Specifically, he is focused on aligning complementary research areas within the organization to create a more cohesive strategic picture. In that vein, he also wears the hat of IR&D strategic planner and adds focus to the transfer of technology to commercial and government customers.

Jared earned a B.A. from Hamilton College with a concentration in Computer Science and attended Syracuse University’s Computer Science graduate program.