Isaac Potoczny-Jones

Principal Scientist, Computer Security

I have a fascination with both security and collaboration. As an open source developer, I thrive on openness and the “need-to-share” mindset, but some environments also have a “need-to-know” mandate. My mission here at Galois is to find innovative solutions for secure information sharing, and to see those solutions adopted.


Isaac has been a project lead with Galois since 2004. He is an active open source developer in the areas of cryptography and programming languages. Isaac has lead many successful security and identity management projects for government organizations. His projects have included secure cross-domain collaboration (Navy, DOD), practical solutions in identity credentials for first responders (DHS), federated identity for the Open Science Grid (DOE), anonymous authorization and cross-domain search (DOD), mobile password-free authentication (DARPA), and authentication for anti- forgery in hardware devices (DARPA). He has also led numerous commercial and government projects for security assessment and penetration testing.

In 2013, Isaac founded Tozny, a Galois spin-off company that provides strong cryptography for authentication, without the hassles of passwords. With Tozny, the user’s phone is the key: Easier and more secure than passwords, Tozny replaces passwords with an easy-to-use cryptographic key on a user’s mobile phone.

Isaac is also a member of the Haskell open source community, where he was the first developer and maintainer of Cabal. He is also a member of the Debian community, where he was one of the implementors of APT’s secure package download framework. Isaac has been a professional Haskell developer for a while now; prior to coming to Galois, he worked at Ohio State University and Cisco Systems.

Isaac earned his master’s degree in Cybersecurity from the University of Maryland, University College, and his B.S. in Computer Science from Ohio State University.