Getty Ritter

Research & Engineering

I have worked at Galois since 2012, during which time I have contributed to numerous projects in several different capacities, ranging from abstract research work to hands-on engineering tasks. As an avid bricoleur and aspiring generalist, I try to continue studying in a broad set of fields and expanding my own area of focus into new areas, both at work and outside of it.


Getty received his Bachelor’s at U.C. Berkeley, where he studied both linguistics and computer science, before electing to focus on computer science for his Master’s at University of Oregon. His approach to computer science has a strong focus on programming language theory, type theory, and formal logic, but his work is also informed by his eclectic background and varied interests in such fields as linguistics, semiotics, philosophy, design, and mathematics. Outside of work, he cooks experimental recipes, makes excellent Manhattans, and is always in the middle of at least four books.