OPPORTUNITY: New Tech, Higher Risk

U.S. government agencies, including the DoD, are using 5G and software-defined networking (SDN) to enhance network resilience, adaptability, and communication capabilities. As network orchestration becomes more complex, there is an opportunity to apply automated threat detection technologies to assist network operators in detecting and mitigating vulnerabilities that can compromise network security and availability.

SOLUTION: Automated Network Verification

5STARS is a state-of-the-art verification engine that boosts the reliability, survivability, and resilience of SDN and 5G/Next G networks. This innovative technology leverages automated reasoning and mathematical models to analyze network configurations, swiftly considering all possible packet paths, and identifying issues before they disrupt traffic. In addition, it provides a real-time, interactive diagnostic dashboard for network operators, sends alerts upon anomaly or threat detection, and assists with root cause analysis and remediation.


  • Reachability: Ensures critical traffic is always delivered
  • Security: Guarantees no traffic can bypass firewalls or other security
  • Confidentiality and Integrity: Verifies that high-security information cannot reach low-security hosts, and low-security hosts cannot probe high-security hosts
  • Proactive Network Monitoring: Catches problems, bugs, and bad actors early
  • Scalable and Efficient: Finds issues in mid-sized networks (100s of routers) in seconds


The 5STARS Project was done in collaboration with the following researchers from Cornell University:

  • Dr. Nate Foster
  • Dr. Alexandra Silva
  • Mark Moller
  • Dr. Jules Jacobs