Announcing the Release of Cryptol 2.13.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Cryptol 2.13.0. Cryptol is a language for writing and specifying cryptographic algorithms. This release brings a variety of improvements, including:

  • The sortBy function is now implemented using merge sort instead of insertion sort. This improves both asymptotic and observed performance on sorting tasks.
  • “Type mismatch” errors now display more information about the location from which the error arises.
  • Cryptol now supports Boolector 3.2.2 or later.

Binary distributions and source distributions can be downloaded from here. This download page also contains a more detailed changelog.

We also provide alternative means of obtaining Cryptol:

  • Docker image for Cryptol 2.13.0:

     docker pull

  • Docker image for cryptol-remote-api, the JSON RPC version of Cryptol:

     docker pull

In addition, we provide Python bindings built on top of cryptol-remote-api, which are available on PyPI:

If you encounter any issues with Cryptol, feel free to file an issue here.