Galois releases FreeRTOS port for Xen on ARM systems

We’re pleased to announce the open source release of FreeRTOS for Xen on ARM systems. This release is part of our research efforts in mobile security, cyber-physical systems, and security.

The FreeRTOS port is one of our most recent projects in the Xen community, which include the Haskell Lightweight Virtual Machine (HalVM) and our MAC-enhanced version of the XenStore. Galois continues to work with Xen for a variety of reasons.

To get started with the FreeRTOS port, check out my blog post on

I also gave a talk on this work at last year’s Xen Developer Summit. You can
watch it below:

For more information, contact me at jtd AT galois DOT com if you have
questions and feel free to open tickets or submit pull requests on