Computing on private and secure data: An article for the IEEE

Dr. David Archer, our cryptography research lead, and Prof. Kurt Rolloff of the New Jersey Institute of Technology recently wrote an article for the IEEE Security and Privacy magazine on the topic of computing on sensitive, encrypted data without decrypting it.

The new, groundbreaking process of computing on encrypted data has major implications for businesses that would benefit from sharing data, yet need to keep that data private. It opens up collaboration opportunities and allows for decision-making based on sharing private data without actually sharing the data. Other applications of this technology enable true end-to-end encryption even when mixing data, for example in VoIP applications.

The article looks at two new cryptographic methods, linear secret sharing (LSS) and fully homomorphic encryption (FHE). The authors also present real-world application prototypes for FHE and LSS implementations: VoIP Teleconferencing with end-to-end encryption, and filtering encrypted emails without decrypting the messages.

Read the IEEE article here, and explore the Galois cryptography R&D page for more information on our work on secure multiparty computation.