Lee Pike Giving Keynote at MEMOCODE

For those registered to attend MEMOCODE 2013 this week in Portland, OR, Dr. Lee Pike will be presenting the keynote address titled “Building a High-Assurance Unpiloted Air Vehicle” on October 18 at 11:00 a.m.


A drone autopilot is a complex software artifact that includes operating systems, networking, and sensor systems.  With support from DARPA, Galois is addressing the challenge of building an open-source high-assurance autopilot that is resistant to security attacks and software faults.  We are tackling the problem by borrowing from a suite of formal-methods-inspired technologies such as strongly-typed domain-specific languages for embedded control systems, software model-checking, and runtime-verification.

Just over one year in, we have designed two new languages and compilers and have a provisional autopilot developed.  I will describe how we have achieved low-cost high-assurance software, the challenges ahead, and the open problems we do not yet know how to address.

The autopilot and more information is available at smaccmpilot.org.