Trust your most critical systems

Galois develops software to solve your hardest problems.

Galois develops technology to guarantee the trustworthiness of systems where failure is unacceptable. We apply cutting edge computer science and mathematics to advance the state of the art in software and hardware trustworthiness.

Semiconductor Design

We design secure, reliable, efficient bespoke semiconductor solutions to your most difficult computing problems for systems from the network edge to the data center.


Advanced Cryptography and Privacy

We focus on the groundbreaking processes of securely linking and computing on private data; securely proving computation is done correctly; and on the creation, validation, and synthesis of high-assurance cryptographic solutions, including quantum-resilient (“post-quantum”) schemes.


Core Principles

  • Hold to authenticity.
  • Pursue deep trust.
  • Seek joy at work.
  • Cherish learning and innovation.
  • Serve as stewards.

We combine proven scientific methods with the latest technological innovations to solve our clients’ hardest problems. Want to know more? Contact us to discuss how we can work together on your most difficult challenges.

Connect With Us

Partnerships and Collaborations

Connect directly with Andrew Saxton to discuss your idea or project, or send us a general inquiry to learn more about our work and process. We will do our best to respond within one business day.