Stephen Magill

Principal Scientist, Software Analysis

I serve as the CEO of Galois spin-off MuseDev, a startup focused on automatically finding and fixing critical bugs. My research interests focus on static and dynamic program analysis, with a particular emphasis on scalability and tuning analyses for specific software domains. My recent work focuses on security, both software security in the traditional sense and related issues such as privacy. I have also worked on analyses that help programmers build and deploy software updates in high-availability environments.


Prior to joining Galois in 2014, Stephen was a Research Scientist at the Institute for Defense Analyses Center for Computing Sciences (IDA/CCS). Before that, he was a post-doctoral researcher with Michael Hicks at the University of Maryland, College Park, where his work primarily focused on two topics: 1) verifying correctness of software updates, and 2) enforcing privacy by reasoning statically about accumulated attacker knowledge.

Stephen earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University under the guidance of Peter Lee, Stephen Brookes, and John Reynolds. His thesis work developed the theory and implementation of the use of separation logic to produce numeric abstractions of programs. These abstractions can be used to prove termination and other liveness properties of heap-manipulating programs.

Journal Publications

  • Piotr Mardziel, Stephen Magill, Michael Hicks, and Mudhakar Srivatsa. “Dynamic Enforcement of Knowledge-based Security Policies using Probabilistic Abstract Interpretation,” Journal of Computer Security (JCS), 21:463-532, October 2013.

Conference Publications

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Workshop Publications

  • Stephen Magill, Aleksandar Nanevski, Edmund Clarke, Peter Lee, “Inferring Invariants in Separation Logic for Imperative List-processing Programs,” Third Workshop on Semantics, Program Analysis, and Computing Environments for Memory Management (SPACE), 2006.
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