Ramy Tadros

Research & Engineering

Ennui is the echo in us of time tearing itself apart; the revelation of the void, the drying up of that delirium which sustains -or invents- life. –Cioran.

Labor is essential for happiness, and research is the playground in labor-city. Galois is in the cool corner of this playground.


Ramy received his BSc in electronics and communication engineering from Alexandria University, Egypt in 2012, his MSc in electronics engineering from the American University in Cairo (AUC), Egypt in 2014, his MSc in computer science from University of Southern California (USC), Los angeles, California in 2018, and his PhD in electrical engineering from USC in 2019. He was selected as an MHI PhD scholar for 2018-2019, and was recognized by USC as order of Arete.

From an analog electronics and communications undergraduate studies, to a high speed custom digital electronics master thesis, then to a theoretical computer science graduate courses, finally to a PhD thesis about a VLSI CAD problem for which he built a software and complete a formal proof, Ramy’s experience and background lies in the no-man’s land between software engineering, digital and analog electronics, and computer engineering. His skillset mostly covers the job requirements of anything between data analysis and RF circuit design. After defending his thesis, Ramy sought in Galois the perfect venue to keep exploring more grounds, being asked questions to which he doesn’t know where to begin looking for answers, and overcoming more interesting challenges. His research interests are whatever he hasn’t worked on before.