Max Orhai

Research & Engineering

Growing up in the midst of the digital revolution has left me with a deep and abiding interest in information and communications technology. Helping to make ubiquitous computing accessible, democratic, secure, and reliable is my life’s work.


Max wrote his first Logo programs at age 8, got his first mainframe unix account at age 12, and built his first database at age 15. Somewhat later, he began studying computer science at Portland State University, ending up with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. During that time he collaborated on research into fault-tolerant parallel and spatial computing, and developed interactive educational material for Complexity Explorer (

After graduation, he spent two years as a web developer for a small but highly connected nonprofit organization. He brings to Galois an enthusiasm for high-quality software and a flair for research, with special focus on distributed systems, data visualization and analysis, and cognitive ergonomics.